50th Anniversary Community Service Day

Celebrating 50 Years of Community Outreach

At WC Smith, one of our distinguishing features is our commitment to the District of Columbia, its communities, and its families. Developing quality housing and strong and sustainable neighborhoods is not the only way in which we add value to DC communities. We frequently give back through financial support as well as repairs and restorations to local schools, libraries, police stations, parks, and other public venues. Community outreach allows us to connect to our surrounding neighborhoods on a deeper level.As part of our 50th Anniversary Celebrations, we hosted a company-wide Community Service Day at the Town Hall Education Arts Recreation Campus (THEARC). With six teams comprised of 130 employees, we were able to make a huge impact both inside and outside of THEARC. The teams tackled a variety of duties including trash clean-up, clearing brush, tilling and weeding, mulching, and laying sod.

It was a rewarding day for WC Smith employees. Having the ability to come together as an organization to give back to our community is very important to us. A huge thank you to everyone involved in the planning and execution of our 50th Anniversary Community Service Day! 

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