50 Years of Growth & Opportunity at WC Smith

May 2018

Professional Growth at WC Smith

At WC Smith, our employees are a top priority. By maintaining a friendly work environment and providing ample opportunities for professional growth within the company, WC Smith has established itself as a respectable and enjoyable place to work. The average tenure at WC Smith is nearly nine years, which goes to show just how much our employees enjoy working here.

Facilitating and encouraging professional growth for our employees is a key component of keeping them around.  Providing them with the opportunity and the necessary resources to produce, and rewarding them when they do so, has created an environment in which development is attainable and expected. We have countless employees who have continually proven themselves, allowing them to move up the ranks at WC Smith.

Through our discussions with three employees, in three different roles, we were able to gain insight on what it is about WC Smith that allows employees to advance in their careers. The common denominator? A strong work ethic and a supportive and loyal leadership team. 

Ashawna Johnson 

First Role: Porter

Current Role: Property Manager

Tell me a little bit about why you have been able to advance through the ranks here: 

AJ: I care for the people. I care for the company. But I just think it’s not just a job for me, it’s making sure people are happy. I’m happy. I really enjoy what I do. I love coming to work. So it’s kind of easy for me to be in the flow of making sure my job is done and to make sure residents are happy.

Given the length of time you have been here, and the various roles you have worked in, you have had a huge impact on the company. Can you share a moment that you are most proud of? 

AJ: I’m proud of the several opportunities to work at brand new or renovated properties. I am proud to have a supportive supervisor and a compassionate team who really cares about the company and the property.

Patrick McKenzie

First Role: Helped as needed in “The Shop”, now Property Services

Current Role: Senior Vice President of Property Management

Tell me a little bit about why you have been able to advance through the ranks here: 

PM: John Ritz. There is no better person to work for. The Smith Company appreciates good work ethic and a hard worker.

Given the length of time you have been here, and the various roles you have worked in, you have had a huge impact on the company. Can you share a moment that you are most proud of? 

PM: Rather than a specific moment, it’s more about what we as a company have achieved. I’ll hear people say, ‘How do you guys do it, nobody else does it like you’, and that is something to be proud of. None of this would be possible without the leaders that we have here. Mr. Smith Senior [founder], Chris [Chairman and CEO], John [president] – without these guys, this wouldn’t be possible.

Holli Beckman

First Role: Leasing Agent

Current Role: Vice President of Marketing & Leasing Operations

Tell me a little bit about why you have been able to advance through the ranks here: 

HB: If you put in the extra effort and want to learn, this company supports that. They are open to new ideas, as long as there is a purpose. Often, I would come in with a new idea – in advertising, or a new way to market – as long as I had a plan, the company allowed me to test. As I proved success, they trusted me. More trust, bigger risks. I am always looking to learn something new.

What about WC Smith has kept you here and committed to the company? 

HB: So many things. I do think that they reward success, and they celebrate their employees with them – WC Smith Awards, President Circle. I feel that the leadership has a true sense of loyalty to the employees, which makes me want to be more loyal to the company. There is a real connection, not layers and layers between management and employees.

As we celebrate 50 years of business, it is imperative that we celebrate our employees. They are the reason for our success over the past 50 years and will continue to be the reason for our success over the next 50.

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