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WC Smith has been providing development and property management services to the District of Columbia for more than 50 years. Since our founding in 1968, WC Smith has been committed to building and supporting sustainable neighborhoods for all families living in Washington. Our portfolio features a comprehensive collection of commercial, residential and mixed-use properties.

We’re looking for enthusiastic, dedicated and resourceful team members. From property development to property management, sales and customer service to building services, WC Smith offers a full range of career opportunities. Learn more about our company and our opportunities, and how you might join one of the most respected real estate firms in Washington, DC. WC Smith is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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Our Corporate Culture

A friendly workplace and paths for professional growth are hallmarks of working at WC Smith. When you join our team, we provide the training, resources and expertise you need to learn, grow and thrive in your career. Supporting you will be a network of colleagues who boast an average tenure of over 10 years working for WC Smith – indeed, many of our employees have been with us for 25 years and more.

You’ll also join a company – and staff – that are committed to the people and fabric of Washington, DC. We create nonprofit organizations and facilities that provide educational, employment and arts services, organize community service days for schools and parks, and run a summer youth jobs program for DC teens. You’ll have no shortage of opportunities to “get involved” with our city when you come on board.

Employee Benefits

WC Smith is proud to offer its employees a wide range of popular benefits. From attractive health/dental coverage and retirement savings plans to professional development and work/life opportunities, our package is designed to keep our employees healthy and happy.

  •   Comprehensive Medical, Dental & Vision Plans
  •   Low Cost Virtual Visits
  •   Employee Wellness Program
  •   Nutrition and Weight Loss Program
  •   Company Paid Life Insurance
  •   Company Paid Short Term and Long Term Disability
  •   Employee Assistance Program
  •   Reimbursement Program for Fitness Facilities
  •   401(k) Plan with Company Match
  •   Pre-Tax Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA)
  •   Tuition Reimbursement Program
  •   Voluntary Legal Insurance with Identity Theft Monitoring
  •   Pre-tax Commuter Benefits
  •   9 Paid Holidays
  •   Generous Paid Time Off (PTO) Program
  •   Company Social Events & Team Outings
  •   Summer Youth Employment Program
  •   Career Development and Manager Training Programs
  •   Annual Awards & Recognition Program
  •   Company Paid Certifications & Licensing

Current Openings

Check out the opportunities we have available now.


I like working at WC Smith because of the collaborative environment regardless of title. Everyone has a voice and their opinion is heard. I like working at WC Smith because the impact of building affordable goes beyond the bricks and mortar. It’s about our residents and how we can best serve them through social impact.

Sarra Mohamed

Senior Project Manager, Development


The wonderful thing about working at William C. Smith is that not only are there opportunities for advancement due to the rapid growth the company is experiencing but, more importantly, is the incredibly supportive culture the company provides to assist you with being successful at your job. This makes working at WC Smith an incredibly rewarding experience I would recommend to anyone looking for a career in property management.

John Freedman, NALP

Community Manager – 2800 Woodley


I started at WC Smith two years ago with little property management experience. From day one, WC Smith gave me the tools and resources I needed to succeed in my career. More importantly, this company fosters a community of support and it truly feels like I am part of a family. I am proud to be a part of WC Smith!

Sarah Glass, NALP

Leasing Consultant


My name is Zadia and I have worked at WC Smith for 13years. A few of the many reasons I still enjoy working here after all these years is the unmatched support they give us on a daily basis. I have never worked for a company where the presidents are available to take my call. My direct supervisor believes and trusts in my ability to work independently yet he has always been here
to advise and assist me with any challenges at hand. We plan we coordinate and deliver great service as a team. I always said for as long as I will be a community manager I would not want to be working in any other place but here. WC Smith has the best work friends and we all truly enjoy working here. I am so proud to work for such an individual focused company, and my team feels the same way you should join us too!

Zadia Gomez, NALP

Community Manager

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