Living in Cleveland Park

Beyond its stunning architecture, Cleveland Park boasts a variety of unique small businesses that add a distinctive charm to the area. Step into the bustling Cleveland Park farmers market, a treasure trove of local produce, meats and gelato, head to the National Zoo, the Smithsonian’s most popular destination, or take a Tower Climb at the Washington National Cathedral and take in the Washington DC skyline from the highest point in the city.

Date Night Destination

Make Cleveland Park you’re date night destination. Enjoy painting your own pottery at All Fired Up, grab a bite at Spices Asian Restaurant, then take a stroll through the Tregaron Conservancy, one of the largest woodland gardens of its kind.

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Easy Commute

Thanks to its central location, residents of Cleveland Park enjoy convenient access to the Cleveland Park metro station, making commuting to downtown areas a breeze. With this well-connected public transportation option, living car-free becomes a viable and stress-free choice.

In addition to the metro, the neighborhood offers a range of transportation alternatives that cater to different preferences and needs. Capital Bikeshare provides a convenient and eco-friendly option for those who prefer to cycle around the city, with numerous bike stations scattered throughout the area. Metrobus routes further enhance connectivity, offering a network of bus services that efficiently connect Cleveland Park to various destinations across the District.

With the Cleveland Park metro as a central transportation hub and a diverse range of transportation options, residents have the freedom to choose the mode of travel that best suits their needs, promoting a sustainable and efficient way of getting around the city.

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Getting Around

Metro Station:
Cleveland Park | Red Line

Bus Routes:
31, 33: Wisconsin Avenue
96: East Capitol Street – Cardozo
H4: Crosstown
L2: Connecticut Avenue

Main Thoroughfares:
Wisconsin Avenue, NW
Connecticut Avenue, NW

  • By metro
  • By Car

By Metro

  • Reagan National Airport
    51 minutes
  • Union Station
    29 minutes
  • Capital One Arena
    29 minutes
  • The Capitol
    44 minutes
  • Washington National Cathedral
    1 minutes

By Car

  • Reagan National Airport
    18 minutes
  • Union Station
    28 minutes
  • Capital One Arena
    22 minutes
  • The Capitol
    24 minutes
  • Washington National Cathedral
    3 minutes

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