Celebrating 50 Years of Teamwork at WC Smith

July 2018

Teamwork at Washington View

The Property Development and Mangement industries require extensive teamwork. Whether the task at hand is developing a new project or managing a current property, everyone must work together to the achieve the common goal. While WC Smith, in its entirety, functions as one large team, the company is comprised of many small teams. The smooth operations of these teams are what keeps WC Smith successful. Without them, their hard work, and their dedication to the company and each other, WC Smith would not be where we are today.

While all of our teams contribute to the company’s success, one team, in particular, has gone above and beyond and deserves to be recognized. The Leasing Team at Washington View works as a cohesive unit every day to ensure that their units are leased and their residents are happy. The building is 100% leased, which goes to show that their hard work pays off.

We discussed the topic of teamwork with the Washington View Team in order to understand their dynamic and why it works. They provided their insight on why teamwork is important, why they work well together, and their favorite part about working as a team. 

Q1: When you are working as part of a team, what do you think is most important to keep in mind?

Cheverlee Williams: When working with a team, it is important to be open-minded to multiple solutions. 

Erikka McNealy: I think the most important thing to keep in mind when working on a team is being open to ideas and receptive to your team members. Collaboration plays a big part in us accomplishing our collective goal. 

Alexis Stevenson: It is important to keep in mind that your contribution to the team affects the whole team. 


Q2: Why do you think the Washington View team works so well together?

Cheverlee Williams: Our team works well together because we all need each other. Each person strengthens another. 

Erikka McNealy: I think we all work well together because we feed off of each other’s strong suits, and we help develop each other’s weaknesses. 

Alexis Stevenson: I think the Washington View team works well together because we know each other’s strengths and weaknesses. We allow each member to accomplish the respective job or task without micro-managing. When it all comes together, we are successful. 


Q3: What do you enjoy most about being part of a team?

Cheverlee Williams: I enjoy learning how to work with different personalities. I enjoy standing back to watch how each person fills in the missing spaces. We complete each other and stand together. No one gets let down or left behind here. 

Erika McNealy: Being able to work with a team of great people who have awesome ideas. A team who helps me grow as an individual and helps me achieve my personal and career goals. 

Alexis Stevenson: I enjoy when a task is completed and successful and everyone is happy about their contribution. 

The Washington View team has worked together for nearly one year, yet they already embody the strong teamwork mindset that WC Smith has worked to create over the last 50 years. Collaboration and support are crucial to a successful team, and a successful team is fun and enjoyable for everyone involved.
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