WC Smith Celebrates 18th Property Management Awards

November 2019


WC Smith held its 18th Annual Property Management Awards Nov. 5, recognizing staff members and properties for their outstanding performance and achievements.

The WC Smith Excellence Awards were given to 17 employees across seven categories, including recognition for community and property management, maintenance, leasing, community and corporate administration and association management.

The company celebrated veteran employees for their longevity: Marilyn Fisher, who has been with the company for 20 years, and Elias Nunez, who has been an employee for 24 years.

Four WC Smith residences received top honors for Best Property based on size or style of the building, while six properties were recognized for their financial performance.

Two properties, 2801 Pennsylvania Ave. SE and Manor Village, were inducted into the WC Smith Property Hall of Fame. This honor is given to buildings that have won the Best Property award three times.

“The Property Management Awards is a chance for us to celebrate the accomplishments of so many,” said WC Smith President John Ritz. “All of the recipients are defined by what I believe are the elements of the WC Smith culture: hard work, attention to detail, treating people honestly, fairness and giving back to our community.” 

Below is the complete list of the 2019 WC Smith Property Management Award recipients:

WC Smith Excellence Awards
Community Manager – Dennis Donlon, Monica Miller, Howard Ross & Elly Vargas
Maintenance – Colin Bender, Robert Huete & DeReco Stevens
Community Administration – Amy Mathes & William Wallace
Leasing Consultant – Erin Austin & Erikka McNealy
Association Employee – Doug Lamb
Property Manager – Devin Pharr & Stuart Washington
Corporate Administration – Carletta Allen, Falece Anderson & Stephanie Colvin

Longevity Recognition
Manager – Marilyn Fisher
Maintenance – Elias Nunez

Best Property
High Rise (more than 60 units) – Park Chelsea, 1st Place; N Street Village, 2nd Place
High Rise (60 or fewer units) – The Dupont, 1st Place; Jasper Place, 2nd Place
Garden (more than 200 units) – Garden Village
Association Property – Dumbarton Court

Most Improved Performance (financial results between 2017 and 2018)
High Rise – 2 M Street NE
Mid Rise – The Cortland
Garden (200 or more units) – Huntington Village
Garden (200 units or fewer) – Pleasant Hills

Superior Performance (financial results actual compared to budget)
High Rise – 2800 Woodley Road NW
Mid Rise – The Cortland
Gardens (more than 200 units) – Ridgecrest Village
Gardens (200 units or fewer) – Pleasant Hills

Hall of Fame
2801 Pennsylvania Ave. SE
Manor Village



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