Starbucks, Chase Bank to Locate at Skyland Town Center

January 2020




Starbucks and Chase Bank have agreed to open locations at Skyland Town Center, WC Smith’s mixed-use development situated at the intersection of Alabama Ave., Naylor Road and Good Hope Road in Southeast Washington.

Starbucks, opening in late 2021, will be the first drive-thru café in the city. Chase Bank will also open in 2021.

With Skyland nearing completion, there has been a flurry of activity and interest in the project. WC Smith and our development partner Rappaport are also working with Matthew Sullivan of Cushman & Wakefield to pre-lease a four-story Medical Office Building on the site. In addition to interest in the medical building, the leasing team is pursuing a variety retail including a boutique fitness, restaurants and other service uses.

These new tenants will join Lidl and CVS, which is already operating on-site in temporary quarters. The first phase of construction, which includes CVS is 84,500 square feet of space. In addition, residents of Skyland Town Center are expected to move in late 2020 while retailers will open their doors early 2021. Upon completion, Skyland Town Center will have approximately 135,000 square feet of retail and 450-500 residential apartments in a vibrant town square setting.

Skyland Town Center will provide retail services and amenities to the community in an area just east of the Anacostia River.

“This fall we will deliver 263 new apartments, across 290,000 square feet, to Skyland Town Center,” said WC Smith CEO Chris Smith. “We look forward to offering our future residents the services Starbucks and Chase Bank provide. These businesses will be a welcome addition to the Skyland community and surrounding neighborhood.”

“We’re very excited about Skyland Town Center and how it’s coming together,” said Rappaport President Henry Fonvielle. “Our leasing team is actively working on attracting high-quality and essential retail, dining and services that will greatly enhance the community. We’re proud to be able to serve as a catalyst to make Skyland the heart of the community. These new additions are going to greatly improve the offerings in this neighborhood and will be a huge benefit for a community that has long been underserved.” 

“We know that residents in every part of DC want access to amenities, and so that is what we are bringing to Skyland,” said DC Mayor Muriel Bowser. “We were thrilled to announce last year that Lidl is on the way, and now we are pleased to be able to say that this project is shaping up to be a true town center that will deliver jobs and opportunity to the Ward 7 community.”





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