Eight WC Smith Properties Earn “Elite 1%” Status

Eight WC Smith properties have placed in J Turner Research’s 2019 “Elite 1%” national survey of apartments.

Two of the properties, 2800 Ontario and 2701 Connecticut, were the top-2 rated properties in Washington, DC.

The other WC Smith properties to be honored are: Park Vista (an affordable property), Brunswick House, 2800 Woodley, Agora, Meridian Park and Wakefield Hall.

Most of these properties are multi-year winners. Brunswick House has made the list four years in a row; it’s the third consecutive year for 2701 Connecticut and Wakefield Hall. 2800 Ontario, 2800 Woodley and Park Vista mark two consecutive appearances among the Elite 1%.

The Elite 1% ORA™ Power Ranking is an annual ranking developed by J Turner Research. Based on monthly online reputation research of over 116,000 apartments across 21+ review sites and Internet Listing Services (ILSs), J Turner assigns an independent Online Reputation Assessment Score (ORA™ Score) to each property, and this score determines a property’s rank. J Turner Research is an independent market research and online reputation management company exclusively serving the multifamily industry.

For the year 2019, a total of 1,290 properties earned the Elite 1% distinction. To be eligible for this ranking, a property had to register a minimum ORA™ score of 90.  For properties with the same ORA™ score, the property with the higher number of reviews ranked higher. The national average ORA™ is 63.05.