DCBIA 2023 Community Improvement Day

DCBIA Community Build Day at THEARC

WC Smith staff – representing Development, Accounting, Property Management, Leasing, the properties and WCS Construction – joined nearly 300 volunteers from companies across the District to participate in DCBIA’s Community Improvement Day, Sept. 30.

For its 30th build day, DCIBA chose THEARC as the focus of its activities. Participants expanded the nature trail in the woods and wetlands that runs along Oxon Run, building new spaces to activate the outdoor space for THEARC visitors and community residents. 

WC Smith Chairman and CEO founded THEARC as a community center for Washington’s Congress Heights neighborhood. THEARC is a 203,000 square foot facility and urban farm, with 14 nonprofit resident partners, that serves more than 85,000 people annually, and over 1,000,000 people since it opened its doors 18 years ago.

Volunteers’ work and dedication at Community Improvement Days have been instrumental in transforming multiple community spaces across the city with an economic impact over $30 million, considering the actual cost of resources and donated materials and time.