Building Bridges to a Better Life – Housing, Employment, Education and Health

Our Mission:

  • To provide families a welcoming home
  • To equip families with tools and education
  • To provide an environment of health and growth

After being asked by city officials to help find housing for 91 homeless families currently living at DC General and in hotels, WC Smith started a program called “Building Bridges to a Better Life,”  Recognizing that families need a great deal of support after experiencing homelessness, WC Smith reached out to several nonprofit partners, including Building Bridges Across the River at THEARC (BBAR),  to not only find new homes, but to outfit the new apartments, and connect the families with education, health, and employment services. Its goal: to begin bridging that gap with the resources needed to start these families on a path to self-sufficiency.

A roof overhead is just the beginning. This is about building up families and giving them a bridge to self-sufficiency.

Because we know that a roof overhead is just the beginning, WC Smith teamed up with Building Bridges Across the River to provide additional services and support to the families. All the families are assigned a caseworker by The Community Partnership who will work closely with each family. To supplement this effort, many of the partners at THEARC have agreed to participate by providing education, food, and health resources.  The Skyland Workforce Center, a program operating under the auspices of BBAR, will help the adults find employment.

Here are some examples of services available:

  • Dedicated family services manager at THEARC
  • Access to dental care via Children’s National Medical Center location at THEARC.
  • Job preparedness training via the Skyland Workforce Center.
  • Access to mental health care via Children’s National Medical Center and the David Lynch Foundation

What You Can Do to Help

All of these services will be available throughout the year but we know you’re wondering, how can you help right now?  It’s all about the basics.  These families are coming into their new homes with very little belongings.  The wish list below will equip their apartments with the necessities; so the families can focus on thriving. You have three options. You can choose a one-time cash donation, shop off the Amazon wish list or volunteer your time. Either way, we are so very thankful for your support and generosity.  Please also remember to sign up for our mailing list and keep up-to-date on our milestones over the year.

Option 1: Sponsor a Family

You can make a tax-deductible, cash donation in three easy steps.

  1. Click the DONATE button below.
  2. Enter all required information.
  3. IMPORTANT: Where it states “This donation is in honor of” enter “BBBL Fund” in the name field.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us directly:

Chanta Svay, Controller (202) 889-5901 x110

Option 2: Shop From Our Wish List

Imagine how overwhelming it would be to move into a new home but have almost no material belongings. In collaboration with a Wider Circle, we will be able to furnish the apartments…but it’s easy to forget how much of a gap that still leaves in the items and services needed to transform an apartment into a home.   Help us fill the gap by purchasing items from this wish list.

Option 3: Offer Your Super Powers

We couldn’t accomplish any of this without an amazing network of volunteers and corporate partners.  Want to get involved?  Soon we will have a schedule of sign up times where you can donate hours. Click below to email us an let us know you’re interested in volunteer hours and want to join us!

Thank You to Our Community Partners