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For spacious and affordable apartments in Northwest DC, look no further than Meridian Park. The Meridian Park community has studio, one, and two-bedroom apartment buildings for rent in the Columbia Heights neighborhood. The apartments feature updated kitchens, walk-in closets, hardwood flooring, and open floorplans. The updated kitchens boast stainless steel appliances, new cabinets, and new countertops. The Meridian Park community takes great care of the residents that live here, providing access to on-site maintenance and management, package receiving, laundry facilities, an elevator, and more. Living at Meridian Park puts you at the center of all that DC has to offer. Your key to the city is here.WC Smith embraces the belief that great customer service is our best amenity. Living at Meridian Park means experiencing a higher level of service. Our service team is available 24 hours a day and you can access your resident account online any time; day or night. Delight yourself with every day in the Meridian Park neighborhood of Washington, DC.

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With a central location in the Columbia Heights neighborhood, you can’t beat the convenience of living in Meridian Park. With Meridian Hill Park on its western boundary, the 14th Street Corridor in the neighborhood’s core, and the U Street Corridor to the South, there is no shortage of things to see and do when living here.

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This community had effective fast friendly service. Kyle the maintenance man had very little notification to my move but got the job done quickly and effectively. I also had a problem with my water and Kyle helped me right away and was very sweet about it.

I love living in this neighborhood. I love the staff there, Louis is the best with his amazing crew! You can’t beat living in front of Meridian Hill Park, or the nearby shops! If you ever have any issues, Louis is there to help. The amazon package machine is a big improvement for all residents! Can’t wait to go from a studio to a 1br in this community!

I’ve loved living here! You can’t ask for a better location and an amazing deal for the quality of the space, the natural light, and living right across from the park. I love the hardwood floors, the studios feel quite spacious, and the building is safe and clean! Louis and all the staff are very attentive and prompt to ensure you have a positive experience at home. If you have any maintenance needs or concerns, they act on them within 24 hours. Looking forward to calling Meridian Park home for a long time.

Luis is a great building manager, he’s very responsive and works quickly to accommodate and resolve issues.

I absolutely love living here! Being new to DC comes with sooo many challenges, but living at Meridian Park has not been one of them. Louis has gone above and beyond making sure that I’ve had everything I needed to get settled into my new home.

I love living in this neighborhood. I love the staff there, Louis is the best with his amazing crew! You can’t beat living in front of Meridian Hill Park, or the nearby shops! If you ever have any issues, Louis is there to help. The amazon package machine is a big improvement for all residents! Can’t wait to go from a studio to a 1br in this community!

I’ve been living in this building for a few months now and have been extremely happy here! The building management team is helpful, very quick to fix maintenance issues, and keeps the building clean. The building community seems very welcoming and friendly. My unit has lots of natural light, wood floors, and a walk-in closet. The location is right between a few neighborhoods that are easy to walk to. Overall, a good DC value for what you get!

I lived in the Meridian Park Apartments for a few years and it was a great experience. The building has gone through a few updates and improvements throughout the years. The management team makes sure that the building is clean and taken care off, they are also fast at addressing any maintenance repairs

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