June 2020


Let us state firmly and clearly: WC Smith abhors racism in any form. Black Lives Matter.

The racist behavior that led to the brutal killing of a defenseless man in Minneapolis last week was a tipping point that has forced the nation to address a longstanding history of injustice and discrimination.

People across Washington, DC and the nation have been moved to make their voices heard, to speak out against injustices and for change.

We as a company stand with the right to peaceful assembly and protest. And we stand apart from and condemn those who incite violence and harm.

WC Smith’s history gives us, perhaps, a unique perspective on the current situation. The company was founded in 1968, the same year protests and riots broke out in the District and other cities nationwide, touched off in part by the assassination of Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.

For more than 50 years, our mission has been to build and make a difference in neighborhoods in all eight wards of the District, particularly in communities that historically have been underserved.

Our commitment to the city remains, as does our commitment to our staff and residents. We’re proud that the WC Smith community is diverse, and we respect that the emotion fueling the current protests has struck a personal chord for all of us. 

We reject racism in any form and will continue to do so even as we face the divisiveness gripping our country.

As our partner, Building Bridges Across the River President Rahsaan Bernard recently noted, “we have an opportunity to harness the power of our shared values and convictions … to bring us all together in solidarity for a better America.”

Please know that you have our support as we navigate these times. Together we will persevere and be stronger.